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mad king productions

Amen scarf

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This Amen Scarf measures 58”x14”, using dye sublimation printing on a “like cashmere” poly blend, slightly thicker and warmer than the Amen Pashmina, it is a more traditional "Techno Scarf" made in a limited edition of 30. The sound wave used in this design is the “Amen Break,” the most sampled drum loop of all time performed by the Winstons from the song “Amen, Brother” a song beloved by headphone wearing cephalopods everywhere.

and i'm currently waiting for these to be delivered to the studio, so i can not guarantee i will be able to ship them out in time for the solstice.

When the  Amen Scarf  is equipped it will provide the following character status enhancements:

+2 Charisma, +1 wisdom, wards against the “evil eye”, +30% defense against the dark arts, and +5 Magic.